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KAROLINA Dubai 03.06.2020 tarule


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Why do men not in a hurry to get married


Grooms who are not in a hurry to get married

Why do men not in a hurry to get married? The reasons for that are many and each will have their own, Ill try to identify trends, or rather, the typology of bachelors.


What are the bachelors:Why do men not in a hurry to get married


A man who is afraid of women (for a woman for him is an incomprehensible unknowable and frightening creature)


A man who hates women (an authoritarian mother tried in his education)


The man is an idealist (he needs an ideal dream or a woman or no one)


The man is a misogynist (suffered in previous relationships, an overabundance of negative memories)


The man is a careerist, while desperately seeking (everyone says that he does not have time to build a family, but he himself is very anxious at all the dating sites on the questionnaire)


The man who surrendered (he is afraid of everything, lives frozen, he has long said goodbye to the idea of ​​a family)


The man "mothers son" (insecure, uninitiated, women for him predators seeking to separate him from his mother)


The man "Casanova" (with the appearance of a heartthrob, inside of which is a small insecure boy who constantly searches for confirmation of his importance)


Like different types, but all of them are united by the following:

Such a man is selfish, he has an increased level of anxiety, he lives only for himself, is despotic, does not tolerate objections and other views on life, afraid of responsibility, affection, sensuality. Still, he has a highly developed inferiority complex, he is strongly attached to his mother (at a subconscious level), even if he is with her in constant conflicts. No one woman can survive a rivalry with his mother, and this is an indisputable fact.


All the above men are psychologically immature. Weakly worked female part, did not allow them to master their male part and accordingly grow up - to find a balance between male and female in themselves.


Such a man is sure, but alas not in himself, but in the fact that he has nothing to do, so it is best to remain lonely, unhappy, but free. He works a lot, creates a material basis for the future, in parallel he is looking for his ideal of a woman, but, as a rule, does not find an ideal. And can hardly find, because it is either the image of his own mother or the woman who once "broke" his heart.


There are still types of eternal bachelors.


Men who have spent enough time in marriage have raised children, built houses and planted trees, and now they want to realize themselves and live for themselves. to fulfill all your dreams for which there was no time and yes, there was not enough opportunity.


Men whose professions are full of risk, long trips and other reasons that reduce the possibility of creating full relations to a minimum.


Businessmen, politicians who are so keen on building an external world that they simply do not have time to create a family.


Men who do not have the need to create a family, they have their own development goals in our society - spiritual self-development, monasticism ", etc.


What to do?

If we talk about categories of bachelors "forced" and psychologically not mature, then everything is correctable if desired. It is worth taking the time to your psychological growing up, the acceptance of your anime and then the clearly formed image of the woman inside must necessarily reflect the real image of the woman in the outside world.


If we are talking about "convinced" bachelors, then it makes no sense to change their beliefs. It makes sense to look for another man. For there are men who need a woman in his life!


P.S. Lovely women! If you meet bachelors on your way, this is a serious reason to turn your attention to yourself. Like attracts like. Therefore, honestly answer yourself the following questions:


Do I really want to marry or do I need a different relationship format?


How psychologically mature I am?

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