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When modern women became sluts


Why do women need higher education? Why did they in the quest to "become more equal" with men suddenly became an unstable appendage of the male society, which even without them was already problematic in many ways !? I will not describe my ideology - it still would not come true. Today, literally, the relationship between men and women should be specific. I explain: a man, despite the fact that he is not a savage for a long time and does not need to be an "earner", still depends on the primitive instinct - to spread his seeds as widely as possible and more. Thoughts of a man from the moment of maturation are mostly occupied with reflections on the topic of pleasant "need", and if parents and society did not bring "mind-reason" into his worldview, then they are late - teenagers having their own opinion, spit on their parents and leave for separation on the road to the university or career, along the way "inseminating" everything that moves. Who is more stupid than immediately after the school creates a family in order to then run away "did not agree with the characters." At this very time, they manage to learn "depression", poison themselves with "yaga", pricking themselves or stupidly - smoking tobacco.


When modern women became slutsAnd what about the female sex? I must admit that they had no choice. In fact, the situation itself pushes the girls on the career ladder, because the first - on the guys hope, but not to be ill. Secondly, you are nobody at home, but at work a person. The third is for peasants, but I can not what? In general, there is enough excuse. In other words, the peasants themselves threw the women out of the house, drove them into the schools, forced them to work - like they should be! In addition, there have always been scandals, and this despite the fact that his wife offended - do not respect yourself. It was too late to think about it before! The majority of scandals out of jealousy (often justified), a large part flares up due to alcohol, in short - a complete cadiz! Guys suddenly blame, yes.


What is happening now? These fools, in the desire to "become more equal", acquire masculine qualities. At school the girl does not receive knowledge, which at least in theory explained the essence of family happiness. In the university awakens instinct (late), which completely thoughtlessly satisfies male lust. You see, after all, the situation - the body is tired, the mind is loaded with textbooks, you want to sing, dance, love and be loved! Many find salvation in alcohol and tobacco, which at times increases the chances of mating, after which the moral boundaries collapse and you do not care at all - because you have the whole life ahead of you! To put it briefly - an educational model from the modern "woman" is nothing, in the future it is only possible to exacerbate and level up the value of the family as such.


If you deign to ask me - what do you offer? Ubiquitous Islam in Russia? Close the institutions under the pretext of a hotbed of prostitution? Infuse budgets in projects such as "Teach good"? But its not up to me to decide for you. We must cease to be primates of the past, and realize - why all of the above is a problem. In blogs such characters as (we will not advertise them again) do not see the problem at all! Some of them consider their right to express an opinion, which states the fact and even tries to justify it. Of course, they (and many others who tried life and took place as individuals) simply can not - they will not even try to change something (unstable rating does not allow!). Because its so good. "I suffered-rose-why should you or your children be better than me?" - will be their response. There is a meager chance that a strong and independent from men woman realizes that the career and satisfaction of the "natural instinct" is not the main thing in life. Alas, on a national scale, one woman does not decide anything (alas, Mrs. Poklonska is a bad example). If you ask yourself after reading, what is it? Sho is that? Nothing like this happened next to me! Hence - there is a chance that you personally, and later the nation as a whole will have a personality that (s) will grow sufficiently intelligent and independent to stop the age-old tendencies of social degradation.


It seemed to me that there were not enough words, for some people still would not get it. Therefore, I explain clearly and concretely: the future of a healthy society depends on the woman. In the furnace, the nations recovery is still a utopia. In the arsenal of womens opportunities is everything, so that a man was a decent family man, father and earner. Exactly! You are a woman, not only are you and us annihilating yourself, so you are depriving your children and others children of the future. Do you think that the man is strong, then you are not of the type? Became a husband - and thats all? Do you think if you give the man enough sex and in various poses, is this your limit, and his thoughts about treason remained in the past? I think that it makes no sense to speak out on the topic "parents at work, and children at home in school or kindergarten", because the issue of raising children was not canceled - it signals by default. And of course I understand that I personally demand from you impossible. For the maintenance of the family, both partners should have a rod, even without a family - a woman should not be an object to meet a man, sadly that your parents and parents of your parents were busy laying the foundation for the Great Socialist Future. But even this will be only an excuse - the experience of neighboring nations ... mda.


If you (girls and women) are at least somewhat concerned about your future and the fate of your children, then you will not become litter from the senior classes and later. Do not start experimenting in search of the "best member" and the more you will not stand up with the position - on the guy (husband) hope - in the profession of my salvation. Yes, of course, this is your choice and salvation. I just said - this is not what you should strive for! This can be a part of life (for many a part of life), it can be helpful (many still live), but all this will not make sense if a child with a congenital disease no longer belongs to you, and the husband does not see in you a person and family for him its like katorga! Divorce - and now you have lost your only chance, and youth will not return. The ex-husband in any case will be able to find a pair and they will all work out, but how many more of these husbands, who in part your fault, will destroy other families? Will destroy the future of girls who have not really started living. But in life there is nothing difficult! To realize the flawed priorities is half the story, but I believe that you are smart girls (silly people will not finish reading), and guys, too, with brains. The case remains for a small one - to drag me to quotations, to call "an asshole" and "me to teach?" And we will definitely succeed.

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