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What is dangerous to feign orgasm


Orgasm is an explosion of psychological and physical emotions of a person, the highest point of sexual pleasure, which is considered an important and pleasant part of sexual contact. But not everyone can not always reach it. According to statistics, 80% of women imitate orgasm. For someone it is a one-time action, but someone deceives constantly. However, in any case, such practice does not pass without a trace.

 What is dangerous to feign orgasm

Why, why?


In one of the surveys of the American Cosmopolitan, 67% of women aged 18-40 said that from time to time they feign orgasm. Someone does this out of courtesy, so as not to offend a partner, someone is afraid of accusations of "frigidity." If a woman does not get to orgasm, she decides to pretend to support the partners self-esteem, inspire them and maintain a good relationship. Others feel guilty that they can not reach orgasm and do not want to be known as a "log" among friends of their friend. Someone has already heard, "Im a good lover, no one has complained before you," and does not want to experience it again.


A group of American researchers identifies a number of reasons for the simulation. This behavior excites the person and makes him feel better, this is done for the sake of the partner or allows to interrupt the undesirable act. In addition, some people reported that this allows you to manipulate your partner and feel your superiority over him. Also, the reasons may be the fear of being rejected or the desire to feel emotional intimacy with another person.


Lying is bad


At the same time, women, starting to hide problems in an intimate life, do not think that they can only make things worse. First, if your partner finds out that you have repeatedly deceived him, then this will be a serious blow to his feelings and self-esteem. In this case, a good intention to cheer on his friend will come out sideways. Secondly, pretending that everything suits you, you will never be able to improve the situation for the better. Only frank conversation will help to change the quality of intimate life. A person who believes that everything is good, there is hardly a need to try to change something. Finally, a loving person, having learned about the problems of his partner, will understand and help to find a way out of the situation. If this does not happen and because of failures in bed, he (it is worth noting that more often his own) is ready to blame and even insult, it is worth considering whether it is necessary to be next to him.


Otherwise, psychologists are sure, a woman who regularly experiences dissatisfaction in bed becomes sluggish, depressed and irritable. Lack of sexual satisfaction can lead to neurosis and hysterical reactions. This is the cause of migraines, irritability, depression and depression.


Dangerous for health


Absence of orgasm carries not only psychological problems, but can cause serious harm to health. During sexual excitement, an active release of estrogen into the blood and their tide to the genitals and mammary glands occurs. After the orgasm, the female body quickly returns to normal, approximately after 7-12 minutes, and after the failed organism - only an hour later. Because of this, various gynecological diseases (fibroids, fibroids), inflammatory diseases can start to develop. Such a woman is more susceptible to any sexually transmitted diseases.


Because of the lack of orgasms, women experience menstrual irregularities, soreness of menstruation, uterine bleeding, and symptoms of premenstrual tension.


Accordingly, imitation of orgasm not only harms relations, but can become a threat to health and significantly reduce the quality of life. In particularly neglected situations, specialist help is required.


Better absence of sex than sex without orgasm. At the same time, quality sex makes us happier and calmer.

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