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What a woman should use to be an IDEAL wife


A woman must dose her own stubbornness

The main thing is to understand and accept a woman - this is something that a man will never chirp, will not openly admire with flowers and birds, will not enjoy the home comfort and communication with you, the children 24 hours a day. Therefore, do not require the impossible from the man. Take responsibility for the family, since it depends on you 90% depends on how the relations in marriage will develop, what will be the microclimate in the family.


What a woman should use to be an IDEAL wife1. Education of the senses

Show tenderness, even if the husband does not respond the same - he still notices your attitude towards him. Very many women suffer from a lack of attention from her husband. And when a child appears in the family, they switch to him completely. Do not make this serious mistake. Yes, men are more rude by nature. Yes, most often they do not know how, they are embarrassed to be affectionate.


But even if the husband is awkward in his feelings, you should not show tenderness to the child demonstratively. He will have jealousy, bitterness, callousness. And he will go to the other for tenderness, because in life he needs it, too. Be yourself soft, affectionate, attentive and gradually lead him to a mutual manifestation of feelings.


Speak: here you kissed me, and my mood rose. You noticed, what a wonderful blouse I have, and I feel the happiest of women. Let him say it in passing, but you still praise. Such provocations, in a good sense of the word, are very useful. In them there is no edification, from which men warp. They give to feel to the husband that he does not have a secondary role after the birth of the child.


2. Say "no" to the weights and the negative

Watch your appearance and, above all, for emotional and physical health. If you are constantly tired, embittered, then a bad complexion, sore hair, an unmarried gait you are provided. If you are "discharged" in family scandals, your stomach or heart will fail. So watch yourself, do not let the negative emotions. And find time and money to maintain your vitality.


Never wear heavy weights, so as not to disfigure your figure with sharply lowered or skewed shoulders. This can always be affectionately asked: "Darling, I know where it can be bought, but without you I can not do without." Notice, not "you should", not "you must", but without you, strong, I can not manage. It is necessary that your beloved everything, about what you ask, would do with pride, not involuntarily. All that is done involuntarily, will never bring a good emotional result to either her husband or you. So it does not add health either.


Want to maintain a good relationship with the second half, then as few as possible find out.


3. Darling, Ive been waiting for you ...

"Darling, Ive been waiting for you for so long, because I can not do it." Of course, he will apologize and fulfill your request, despite the fatigue. And if you are hysterical at the threshold: "You always come late and I have to do everything myself" - then it causes irritation, disgust, anger. He either ruffles you, or turns around and leaves. You think that he is an indifferent egoist. Nothing like this. He was offended by the way you met him.


In such situations it is necessary to take yourself in hand and, at least, first bypass the spouse - feed, give a rest, and then talk about the things necessary for you. But not with resentment and anger, but advising: how do you think, do you think?


4. I am responsible for everything!

Never put yourself in a strong position, for everything responsible - this is doom for the family, and for you.


At first he will resist, then he will accept it, and then you will no longer be a woman to him. A woman is attractive to a man as a companion of life, for which he is responsible. Leave him this male role, do not knock the ground from under him. And then, all the marital disputes can somehow be settled, it is possible to agree on something, especially if you try and show tenderness, tact.


But if you allow me to express everything that has boiled up, and even in gambling, say superfluous, you will pronounce some fatal words, then the man you said will sit inside like a splinter. For them, the sex issues are especially painful. It is only a woman to hint, from evil, that he is sexually uninteresting, for him it will be such an unhealed wound that he can even go to treason.


5. Who can be obstinate

Obstinacy can spoil a lot in marital relations. A quick-tempered and stubborn man is a very common and very difficult option. And you have to go around it from the rear - nothing will work out directly. It is always necessary to use such statements in difficult situations: "you are absolutely right, but, perhaps, we will act a little differently," "I remember you said this and that, I also think so." When you think with a man in unison, it softens it. When you say: "No, I will do differently" - this hardens him.


The more often there are situations in which you insist on your own, the worse for marital relations. A woman should dose her own stubbornness and in no case do not

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