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Nisha dubai 23.07.2020 her appartment Vaani

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Nisha dubai 23.07.2020 outcall 1hr Vaani

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KAROLINA Dubai 03.06.2020 tarule


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Trade your female body in American style


We are sitting in a restaurant and waiting for her, a successful business lady. I can not wait to hear her story: the girl came to the country and by her labor has achieved everything, became the embodiment of the American dream. My house, my own firm. My family was not very happy.

But when Mai appeared on the horizon, I could hardly suppress my laughter.

Trade your female body in American styleI really did not think that a woman dressed in Chanel and shod in the Prado may look bad. I did not immediately figure it out, of course, what she was wearing and shod, it popped up in a conversation. The names of the designers were announced, but they did not brighten the effect of the dress, hanging out like a hanger, and the first time shod hairpins that gave the lucky owner the gait of the robot without screws in the joints.


Well, okay, poorly dressed people can have a beautiful soul and a keen mind, right? All she said at the table left an unpleasant sludge and a sense of embarrassment: "I so hate Americans for their rudeness, stupidity and vulgarity." To the ex-husband: "Are you deliberately putting your elbows on the table to exasperate me? How I hate you! "About my work:" I do not sell houses, I sell a dream! "Brr! And finally, about the main subject of my pride: "You see everything that is on me, my house, everything in it, my car, the food in the restaurant - for all this I did not pay a penny!"


It turned out that May and her sister came from Southeast Asia as exotic brides. May married so-so: marriage only brought her a residence permit, a house bought for money from divorce, payment for training, a loan to start a business and still bills paid by her husband. Her sister got married better: her husband does not limit her expenses. Once a month they seriously swear, followed by shopping therapy: when in America, and when in Europe. The sister had so many things that many of them are still presented in the package by May. Here from there a dress appeared on several sizes larger and impossible shoes.


So thats who in front of me. Not a business lady at all, but a major specialist in genital-monetary relations. Pigging, if you wish. And the love of money is so strong, and the fate of the pussy is so indifferent that May even once thundered into prison.


She crossed the road in the wrong place, but refused to pay the policeman a fine on the spot. Arriving in court, she burned everyone there with a contemptuous look and a fiery speech about a crime without a victim, for which there is nothing to pay $ 50. The judge felt the sensation and offered to choose: pay 20 bucks or spend the night in jail. Here for me the choice is obvious. $ 20 is not that much money. May condescendingly looked at me in this place of the story: it is immediately evident that I am not a professional. She chose the prison for a moment without hesitation. What is one night in prison, when at stake as much as $ 20! It was only in those days when entering the US prison, regardless of the length of the sentence and the gravity of the crime, all new arrivals had to undergo a full inspection ... and it was not just about the bag and clothes. So many of you would agree to an anal-genital search in order to save this amount? (For whatever would agree, its interesting?) And May was still pleased: money likes to score.


There were many more stories about her and her sister, mostly about how they never paid for anything. At the end of the evening, Mai collected the remains of food in a box, told her husband to pay the bill for all of us and stumbled on her broken stilts to the car.


I it to what. I first realized then the men who say how they dislike female mercantile and venality. Me too. These women are monsters who are never sincere and happy, they destroy other peoples lives and the only pleasure they can enjoy is money and what can be bought. I do not know how they manage to manipulate others so much, that they give such a beautiful in return to their investors. Probably, something made them like that. I feel sorry for them, and it is unpleasant and uninteresting. Maybe its some sort of sickness even.


Such women, after all, are quite easy to recognize, to separate them from the crowd and not to deal with them. Offensive way, however, under the definition of mercantile bitch often fall and those who decided that their man is old-fashioned gallantly to pay for their coffee, those who allowed themselves the phrase "Marinka, there, my husband gave me a fur coat, and you will not wait for a flower from you" those who believe that in the event of a divorce both must bear the financial responsibility for the child. Where is the limit of common sense? What should a woman do to be ranked as corrupt, who only need money?


Money after all, after all, its just money. These are the men who constantly talk about how women constantly try to take away everything they have gained by hard work, they do not look like May, who never pays for anything and is ready to save a trifling sum for everything? What do you think?

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