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Sex Inquisition


Carl Sargent, the Minister of the Government of Wales, committed suicide four days after his dismissal. The reason for dismissal was the accusation of three women in unseemly sexual behavior. Sargent did not know any details. He was not even told who accused him, and Sargent could not justify himself: its hard to justify what happened when, with whom and with whom. There was no attempt to verify the accusations: everything was fired.

Sex Inquisition 

Who and what accused Sargent is unknown to this day: prosecutors in cases of sexual harassment, like prosecutors in the process of the inquisition, always remain anonymous: otherwise it will violate their right to privacy and in general will hurt their tender souls. However, it became known at last that the charges were connected with "improper touches" and "undue attention".


That is, Sargent did not rape anyone, cowards did not rip off in the boiler room, threatening to collapse his career. Maybe he put his hand on his knee; maybe he squeezed his chest; maybe after drinking at the party, lavished attention to the same drunk and inadequate woman, and maybe nothing happened: Potiphars wifes syndrome, too, was not canceled.


Which is to be expected.


The sexual scandal, which erupted after the exposure of Harvey Weinstein, over a month changed the rules of the game. His post was lost by British Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fellon (touching the womans knee) and press secretary of British politician Jeremy Corbin David Prescott. Ministers Damian Green and Mark Gamie are under investigation.


No doubt - Weinstein and Kevin Spacey deserve their own. You can not be a serial sex maniac, and a fourteen-year-old boy should not wake up from the fact that an adult uncle is crouching in his pants. The problem, however, is that - as Anna Delgado noted in one of her excellent articles - the word "rape" in recent times in the West has sharply changed the scope of the definition.


At first the notion of "rape" expanded dramatically. "Rape" was all that the woman declared as such. Now "rape" happens even when the girl got drunk, went along with the guy, wrote to her friend enthusiastic esemeski "Im going to fuck!" And then repented and stated: "I was raped."


However, soon this was not enough, and "sexual assault" was added to "rape". Sexual assault - its anything. Put someones hand on your knee - here you already have and sexual assault.


In all such cases, the defendant is completely defenseless. He can not prove that he did not put his hands on his knee, especially ten years ago. This is his word against her. The rules dictated by the Obama administration to American campuses, and the rules for doing such cases in the British police, in fact, argue that the accused is guilty, until proven otherwise.


In cases of sexual harassment, the principle of innocence is replaced by an inquisition process. And, like during the Inquisition, the accuser remains anonymous, always for the public, and sometimes, as in the case of Sargent, - for the accused himself.


The feminist theory says that rape and sexual misconduct are such a terrible trauma that a woman is never able to lie about her. Time says - it was, it means - it was. This male, who always has the same mind, is able to lie about his relationship with a woman. A woman - an ethereal being, not capable of hysterics and lies, never in vain will not blame for violence.


Practice does not confirm this theory.


Caleb Warner, a student at the University of North Dakota, slept with a student. She liked the student, and she invited him to be her boyfriend. Caleb refused. The next day she accused him of rape.


Ten-year-old girl Elizabeth Page Kast climbed on the computer to a porn site, for which her and caught a religious mother. To explain her behavior to her mother, Elizabeth said that she was raped by a neighbor. They planted the neighbor. He rewound four years, after which Elizabeth confessed that she had lied.


A student at the University of Virginia talked for a long time about the terrible group rape she suffered at the Fi Kappa Psi party. These stories contributed to her public career. She made a name for himself as a rape survivor, joined the committees and met in commissions. Rolling Stone magazine was so impressed with its history that it made a huge article about this heroic victim. Then it turned out that there was no rape at all, and the girl-hysteric sucked him out of her finger to justify the bad schooling.


Rich parents have arranged the daughter in one of the most prestigious London schools. The girl was poorly educated, suffering from eating disorders and experiencing panic attacks. When her parents began to question her about the reasons, she stated that she had been raped by geography teacher Kato Harris.


On Harriss misfortune, the girls parents were also a bit psychotic. They hired super-expensive detectives in order to punish the offender at all costs - even the former deputy head of Scotland Yard, Sue Akers, was hired among them, and she exerted pressure on the investigation in every possible way.

The case crumbled in court. The jury took 26 minutes to fully justify Harris. However, his career and psyche by this time were irreparably destroyed. As for the little hysterical woman, who was looking for whom to shift responsibility for her failures in her studies, she remained anonymous.


The current processes of harassment completely violate the presumption of innocence. The accused is guilty, unless he can prove his complete innocence. Even if the accusation is not confirmed in court, his life and career will be destroyed. Immediately after the arrest, his name appears in all the newspapers. But even this rejection of the principle of the presumption of innocence is only the consequence of a more important problem.


The sexual behavior of a human female for many thousands of years has been the subject of the strictest regulation. All successful civilizations made a woman a commodity. This product must be whole, unkempt, and a variety of cultures resorted to the most repulsive tricks to ensure that the product reproduces the offspring only from its owner. The Chinese bandaged womens feet, the Arabs carved their labia, the Jews beat the unfaithful wives with stones, and all - absolutely all advanced cultures - went all out to ensure the virginity of a woman before marriage and fidelity in marriage.


The sexual revolution of the 60s sent the whole system of taboos to a dump: the woman became as free in her sexual behavior as a man.


However, now the pendulum has swung the other way. It turns out that a woman is free, but a man is not. A woman can do anything. To drink at a party. Bound to the peasant. Come to his room, sit on his lap, send him obscene esemesques, but if she changes her mind at the most crucial moment - this is rape. And even if she changes her mind after that, its also, it turns out, rape! She was drunk! She did not know what she was doing! And he, a reptile, a monster, a creature, took advantage of her helpless condition.


Its not that Im "to blame". Not at all. There are situations when no one is to blame.


Freedom entails responsibility: including responsibility for how a woman disposes of her body.


If two drunken students slept with each other, this does not mean that the girl "herself is to blame." But this also does not mean that "the damned man is not to blame." This means that a person must bear responsibility for his actions: spit, survive and forget.


If the boss pestered you - slap him. Does not help - go away. And if you encourage this to make a career, then you do not need to tell how he zaharassil. In the end, the sexual revolution allowed many women to make a career in the oldest way - through bed, and so many women took advantage of this. I wonder how many Weinsteins victims voluntarily climbed to his bed in anticipation of an early career?


Of course, there is a lot of dirt and pain in all this, besides there are no uniform rules: what one perceives as luck (hurray, the bosss headache), for another - the subject of an ineradicable trauma. People are evil. People cause a lot of evil to each other. But the fact of the matter is that not all human behavior is subject to laws.


Not always evil is punishable through law. A person at work can sit down, slander, substitute, set up friends against him. But its worse than the situation when a person is undermined, only the situation when he has the right to appeal to the police with a complaint: "They sat up to me!" Because under the law of meanness, the police will be approached not by the one who was really sinned, but by the neurotic and psycho.


The same is sex. In human society (and even animal pack) sex is always more than sex. Its a way to build relationships in a team, its a way to express domination, its a way to humiliate, tie or make a career. In a situation where sex has become a territory of freedom, we simply can not afford to legislatively regulate all its shades.


Otherwise, for each Harvey Weinstein, well get by Carl Sargent, who committed suicide, because his boss was told that he once touched someones knee.

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