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Pornographic States of America and the Demon of Harassment


Jennifer Fitcher. Sentenced to 22 years in prison for sex with a 17-year-old student.


Scandals with lascivious Weinstein and disorderly Spacey seemed to have unleashed all the dogs of hell. The boiling of known substances turned into a geyser, into a volcano, in a tsunami: some accusations of harassment, heart-rending memories of the grasping of the buttocks and other monstrous details of the world of stars are being poured out of every iron.

 Pornographic States of America and the Demon of Harassment

Ill list the news of the last few days quite briefly:


- Steven Seagal almost destroyed the psyche of a seasoned lesbian by unfastening the fly in front of her on screen test. Whether she saw anything there, in the bowels of cigar pants - is unknown, but was so shocked by this event that she remembered him for many years, and decided to share it just now.



- Comic Luis Xi Kay in the late 90s accused of harassment of five women. How did he solicit them? He showed them his penis. Without demand? No, asking, with consent. So whats the harassment? And the fact that the women said: he had power over us. Which one? Popularity. Babons could not deny the hypnotic influence of the Luis popularity and, like rabbits, looked at the boa constrictor (sorry for the pun). And now, after 20 years, remembered. Lived all these years, suffered, frigidity, probably earned, wept for decades at night from that terrible spectacle.




- "One of the most recognizable football players in the world, US goalkeeper Hope Solo accused the former president of the International Football Federation (FIFA), Joseph Blatter, of sexual harassment. According to the 36-year-old female athlete, the incident occurred during the Golden Ball award ceremony. Solo claims that a few moments before he went out with Blatter on the stage, he grabbed her buttocks, writes the Guardian. " But this is, I believe - "finely, Hobotov." "We can not redeem horses in champagne, so lets spoil a cat with a beer."


- even the deep old woman Gina Lollobrigida on the air of the channel Rai1 admitted that in her youth she was twice the victim of sexual harassment. Although, by the way, no one asked. "Everyone ran, and I ran," somehow. Everyone was harassed, but what am I, the redhead? No, and Im no worse than all!


- and, finally, Sylvester our Stallone! 31 years ago he, it turns out, "inclined" 16-year-old fan of sex. The admirer of the name did not reveal, but she told the heartbreaking story of how she went to the room to the actor - in checkers, probably, to play, as Don Sezar de Bazan sang in the Soviet film. And there - opa, and suddenly sex, who would have thought! And now, 31 years old, she feels frightened and humiliated, so frightened that even now she was afraid to call her name. Stallone, naturally, ofigel from such kambeks and honestly admitted that he did not remember anything of the sort. But anonymous - he remembers! 31 year was waiting for the moment! Here is an excerpt! Where there is Shurygin!


And so on, and so on, and so on without end. "The overthrow of Weinstein" once again launched a bacchanalia of public hatred of "sexist mail-pigs", these muzhlans with their ubiquitous tentacles, who are always all harassing, they are showing something, they are looking somewhere, burning chaste feet under a mini- skirts with their greasy lustful looks. And do miniskirts girls for this dress? Its so easy for them!


If we rise to a high level of generalization, then we can see an amazing - without exaggeration! - picture. It is so bizarre, absurd and, at the same time, merciless, which is even hard to believe. But - a fact.


The modern West is a pornographic world. The world of the long-overdone sexual revolution, the rejection of traditional marriages, one hundred genders, same-sex marriages, full approval of all kinds of masturbation, Freudianism as a basic ideology for over a hundred years now, as ubiquitous porn, a fundamental rejection of any sexual asceticism and self-restraint, P. A world full of libertinage, in short. But!


At the same time, this is a repressive world - a world in which people who perceive all this pornographic propaganda at face value beat their hands, they hurt very, very painfully! There is nowhere more pain. All these stories about American teachers who are constantly hanging Stalins term in 15-20 years for sex with students, but what are the fault of these teachers? They have been surrounded since childhood by the suggestion that adolescents constantly think about sex, actively look for it, continuously masturbate, absorbed all these porn-patterns about role-playing games with plumbers and teachers. Poor fools could not understand - its all for fun. This all exists in some other, ideal world, and in the real world for "seduction" (not even rape, which, incidentally, is purely technically very difficult) 17-year-old guy - nnnna, 22 years old! As we have for the massacre. Thats how the children in America care!


Watching the movie "Geographer globe drunk" with the innocent love of the student and teacher? The geographer would be sitting in the States until the end of his days. Not even for sex, but for appearing in cowards in a bathhouse with a chaste girlish look.

What Im talking about is this: the main nerve of Western culture now lies in this manipulative hypocrisy - society is imposed (thats it!) Total sexual debauchery, but at the same time for the same debauchery can not what "attract", but literally roll in a pancake. Can you imagine what an ideal lever of total manipulation? Anyone can - this is something we have perfectly understood in the last month.


And, if necessary, they include not the Puritan, but some Shariah norms - well, they grabbed Blatter this Solo for the butt, well, yes - its boorish, its uncultured, its wrong, but its certainly not harassment in the literal sense of the word and not a crime. And they serve this way. Because now everything there has become harassment: there will be a woman at least naked in the subway ride - do not you dare look at her! She is so comfortable! Its not for you! You hold the gaze - Khan, prepare lawyers.


And nothing saves: no "mutual consent", no "limitation period", no excuses. Vaughn, Si Kyu as they wrote out: but you had power over them. You are popular (or rich, or beautiful, or just a machine, after all, is) - everything, consider, raped unfortunate women with this popularity. They are like children, they believe everything to everyone, they are afraid of everything, and then they are traumatized for life! 31 years are running - and the eye is twitching.


What is the desired outcome, the purpose of all this? Yes, that a man was afraid of a woman. He wanted and was afraid. I always felt this fear, I walked along the line, I suffered from frustration. And then in twenty years will be accused of rape ten times in a row.


Ukrainian journalist Anastasia Tovt, commenting on all this, used an extremely accurate expression: "gender revenge." And this is exactly so - not the restoration of justice, not the struggle for rights, but - revenge.


 The more women want to protect themselves from harassment by men, the more unprotected from accusations in harassment are men.


Well, the truth is - what is the option for men today? To sign an agreement with a woman before sexual intercourse, in which she will indicate that she is going to bed with him at will? Really? But what about romance, spontaneity at last? (Without jokes, if we are already considering such an option, it can not be ruled out that a woman can also sign a similar document by force).


So far, men have in fact only one way to protect themselves from such accusations: to be gay.


Although in the case of Kevin Spacey, this did not help either. "


And men, that is characteristic, local women have long been afraid - and as a source of danger, criminal, and as a danger emotional. But not everyone in homosexuals is willing to go. And where should they go? They go to pedophiles. You just think about this interconnected dynamics: the more aggressive womens hatred in the world, the higher the growth rate of pedophilia. But on this subject there is not allowed to think about.


Men in the modern gender revolution have the role of sacrificial lamb. A traditional heterosexual man is the most repressed and vulnerable stratum of Western society. Why "im" it? Yes, when the peasants are finally driven into a figurine shkonka, with lonely women it will be quite easy to understand, as with a sheep herd.

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