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Notes from under the heel


The less a woman we love,

The easier we like her ...

... But this important fun

Worthy of the old monkeys.


At the same time 90s, I was constantly dragged along by women. Even at an early age, my wise great-grandmother discerned in me these pernicious tendencies.

"She shook a lot of good people, she does not pereobnimaesh all the head"

-But you need to strive for it-cheerfully reported grandson and climbed with embraces where not getting.

Such monogamous inferiority required certain skills. First of all, for the sake of preserving the brain.

Notes from under the heelWell, as it so happened, that our ladies are not used to feeling in the team. They have no sense of elbow, joyous ecstasy from running in the harness for some reason does not illuminate their souls.

"The gentleman called me my beloved wife !!!" - its just a dream of the Red Army soldier Sukhov, no more. Yes, and a dream thats true-in the background of this idyll always a looser Katerina Matveyevna with a yoke in a skilful, muscular hand.

Therefore, attempts to pick my brain were permanent. I was the husband of this fight.

The result of this husbandry was a whole philosophy. At the heart of her lay the postulate that a woman

needs strong emotions. Not positive-how she mistakes, but strong ones.

That is, if you are a beast, then the scale of bestiality should impress. Then the fact itself fades into the background and you are even beginning to be proud of how a barin bites a puppy-and brag about your girlfriends.

"Look, Porfiry Polikarpich, what a rogue Ive got!" A rugged passion! Utyu-tyu!


-oooooo !!! At the bastard! Look at that! Mitrich, have a handkerchief!

-Good, Fyodor Petrovich, oh good! And you would sell it to me!

So I transferred from hand to hand.

In addition, I took on the Ukrainian phrase, "The woman must be oppressed"

There is no analogue to this verb in Russian: the word oppressing has a different meaning. And oppression is a stone on a barrel of sauerkraut. Accordingly, "oppressive" is a weakly planned pressure on the brain of the loved one in order to ensure the safety of ones own consciousness.

For example, for several months I woke up with a lady. Marinas feature was full morning amnesia. That is, in consciousness, she came only after a cup of coffee. Before her, even she could not speak, she was moving on the machine full of somnambulist.

Every night I worked industriously into the bathtub and adjusted the shower so that he would look straight into the pretty face-morning.

Marina woke up, mechanically rearranging the pearl in the bathtub turned a cold water tap and received a charge of vivacity in the face.

-Max, bastard !!!! - heard her zapoloshny squeal-I will kill you! Every day is the same !!!!

All this is the last time !!!

"Yes, of course!" I smiled happily and fell asleep, happy.


I come as something to the lake, and there are frogs. Just like a carpet stirring. A centimeter of two or three sizes. I remember that my present passion is afraid of amphibians. I collect the dolls of these lupoglazy and in the evening I poured out the cute in the bath-when she was already splashing there. For the first time I saw how a man flies by a half-meter by an effort of compression of the gluteal muscles. Sorry, mobile was not there. I would sell a soul for such a ringtone. I did not hear such a loud, rich, deep, life-affirming squeal before or after. Id be gilded by selling this sound to horror film producers.


Somehow they introduced me to a young diva, but with a warning. The pier is scandalously-beware.

19 years old, but the brain endures all 40 difficult fates.

Ha, where ours did not disappear! And then disappeared, and there it was!

At first she laughed so much from me-that for a time she left her habits. But my sensible third nostril sensed the approach of Pisa. And I was getting ready. I started putting two bags in the basement of the house near the boiler with the lime left over from the repair.

And here he is. Sit-weave and nnna!

Really-high class. Absolutely on level ground, for no reason at all, full of hysterics.

With a fine suspension of poisonous saliva, terrible accusations in everything, pejorative characteristics and apt insults. Good! On the level-street shantrap, but the liveliness of performance and high artistry impressed. Intelligent Bubnia in response here is the shortest way to crap. You need money simpler and more reliable ...

After listening to the sweet minutes of 5 and assessing the class, I rolled the oncoming blatant hysteria.

Im worthless, breathing inside with laughter-screaming with an uncut pig, saliva and a pucha oshi.Kartinka-you will not reproach: and tremor of hands and swollen veins and wheeze in life you will not understand what is this props.

The semantic content of this flamboyant narrative was an uncomplicated storyline, as one of the voices performed. Three bags of quicklime in the summer toilet-and "no body, no business!"

I bought a pier of 5 bags, but three was enough for my eyes.

Olya was already quiet.

And quickly reconciled. At night she asked in a whisper, they say, is it true?

I absolutely sincerely confessed everything. And in the fact that he knew about her temper and that she was preparing and about that that hysterical this-blown. I had to demonstrate, Olga laughed like a tickled. I only said one thing ...

In the morning I poured gas on the boiler and the house got colder. Olga was whimpering.

- Oh, Im busy.

-What are you doing?

-Tragedy I write.

-What is another tragedy?

"About you." The woman who lost the stall "is called. Run to the basement-turn the regulator on the boiler.

-What side?

-You will see. There, the child will understand.

She came out of the cellar with a nice expression on her face. All day she seemed to think something in her mind. I telepathically caught her thoughts.

... 5 bags, so I bought ... three-oral sufficed, there are those two that are near the boiler ... Oh.

Excellent, "oppression" turned out in the best possible way. In the form of oppression, I put on her mind a couple of bags of quicklime. Heavy, thats it.

Olga never bothered me with her brain. After parting, I confessed in everything-and in pre-tucked bags and a prudently dimmed regulator ...

Olga could not stop.

- Shoot, Maaaaaaks, cattle! Im afraid of ghosts. She came to me in a dream.


-Well this-which you are in a hole with lime ...

- Oh, are you normal? I would if someone buried it, what would I do in a house?

-Yaaa normal? And what about you?

-What else did you have to do?

-Well yes. The first time in my memory when I was enraged, and let go. I can not stop. And here, once, and how it was cut off. Generally screaming did not pull ...

-Here you see! My tool works!

-Yeah. But still, you are a rare beast.

-Who argues ...

In justification I can say that I did not give my women any grudge. Sam offended.

Well, the eternal duty-to deal with their machines was taken by me voluntarily and for a long time.

That is, we already broke up a long time ago, and at night we had to drive to an accident, fight with insurance, otmazyvat a brooch of my drunks from rubbish, repair their cars, etc. ...


This marriage was terminated only by marrying.

My wife sincerely believes that she was sent to me from above as punishment for all my former fornicators.

"Vengeance and I will repay" is its motto. So the mice are tearing the cat out.

Now Im strangely chirping from under his heel. And then if the sweet will allow.

What do you want.


Notes from under the heel part 2


Its clear that I used to throw regularly at such antics. Actually "abandoned" it was my permanent condition. Sometimes it seemed to me that it was innate. Maybe, I thought sadly, lay

I somehow on the porch, wrapped in a down shawl with a note full of grammatical errors?

This would explain a lot. For example, why such a decent parent has grown such a muzzle.

But relatives with a squeak, but denied these speculation. And remembered the great-grandfather of the criminal and swindler. Like, his tricks. Family legend said that he was kicked out of captivity for bad behavior. Being in the camp for prisoners of war in the 1st world he was honored there to organize Katran and cleaned the cards

whomever you get. And the guards blew him all the salary regularly. Slowly the camp turned into a mess. Where there are cards, there is wine, where there is wine and women. The inspection found an absolutely uncontrolled and unguarded herd, escorts with violations of everything from the form of clothes to coherent speech, womens laughter spread from all the tents, the air smelled of passion and debauchery.

Escape, by the way, was not. On the contrary, there wandered who did not get-from the servicemen of the surrounding parts to the local burghers-and indulged there in the society that was disgraced by entertainment.

Quickly calculating the organizer and inspirer of this indecency, the Germans drove out the great-grandfather from the camp, providing documents, money (this is clearly superfluous) and kick in the ass.

But I digress.

It is clear that when you are thrown with such regularity, involuntarily you will get used to the bitterness of loss.

Sometimes I myself added fuel to the fire, speeding up the denouement.

One sweet girl lamented everything-what a pig I was. Well yes. I swine. Catch any room for me a matter of a few minutes. If I cook (and I love to do it), the traces of the ingredients are visible even on the ceiling.

As if my parent came not in time to assess the situation in the house with a capacious phrase "... and rubbed into a gramophone ..."

Well. Pig I, therefore. So what? Ive put up with it, and Natasha is all outraged.

-I just got out !!! And here!!!

-You see how much I need you!

-Svignyaya !!!


How did Nata get me. From the house to the relatives ran away. Well, I decided to demonstrate clearly what is the difference in principle between me and the boar. Its something familiar. I wrote about it somehow.

It is bought swine a kilo under 100 and with it on a visit.

We ring the door and wait. Darling opens the door and the Allie-op! Pig kicks off to the apartment. In the hut it was immediately very animated-distraught pig took on the hump eavesdropping under the door mother-in-law and rolled it along the corridor. The tone of the squealing of the pig and Natalia Mihailovna surprisingly harmonized with each other.

"They would not be able to sing a duet" - flashed a crazy thought.

I wanted to push a speech about the difference between me and the present, but I realized that no one was listening to me.

In the hut something was thundering, screaming, screaming and furiously swearing (father-in-law, it seems)

My departure was not noticed. Years later, a married Nata admitted that the family remembers me so far. This story is the crown of all their family gatherings. Everyone laments that Nata, a fool, has let this guy go. The apartment was washed quickly-two days, and the pork family was enough for the whole winter.

In more light cases, the parting was arranged by me, cheerfully, fervently, I will not be afraid of this word-sparkly, with hiccups and whistles. What broke all the dramaturgy with loved ones. The women do not tolerate jokes about their departure from someones life.

Therefore, when in response to:

-All, Im leaving you! Forever!

I heard-

-Full off-unnecessary tears!

Or (with an anguish)

"... And the teary male tear slid down his unshaven cheek, but then it dried up."


-Let the joy of our parting not be clouded by the sorrow of our meetings! -Thems were confused in the libretto

and they began to talk inappropriately. Sometimes they remained confused.

The poetic genre was not bypassed by me in this process either.

On the next news of the impending solitude I stood up in the opera pose and read the verse with a howl:

Youre gone, without noticing love!

You left, offense shut up!

Let the fucking dog fuck you,

Not such a sun as I am!

On the departing this rhymed word made an indelible impression.

It seems to me that such behavior is optimal in the proposed circumstances. Women, creatures are self-willed and their resemblance to cats has been celebrated for thousands of years. Try to keep the rebel koshara on your knees. Uh-huh. Get a revolution. And try to drive her from there. It will dive half a day to your feet from all directions.

In general, I think that everything should be done easily.

In the Russian chronicle of the 13th century such lines were written-about the reasons why something did not work out.

They say, because they did it with a "HEAVY LIFE-EARLY EFFECT"

Therefore, it is ridiculous for me to read these illiterate rock inscriptions under the windows of a sweetheart.



Pardon me, my dear.

Ugh. Quite a man crushed. He wants to be unforgettable, but he regrets money on a pig ...

To look it is opposite.

bigmarket // 2019-08-22 01:51:52

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