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Im 28, and Im fucking only with men who are over fifty


There is a proverb that a man, like cognac, - with age, only gets better. darya pistolletova found an experienced sommelier for drinks of a special fortress, which told why she chooses men twice as old. Marina is 28 years old, her appearance is mediocre and she does not even want to think about relationships and intimacy with her peers.


Im 28, and Im fucking only with men who are over fiftyI always liked older men. The biggest age difference in my relationship was 36 years. When I first saw my man, I thought that he had my type. Blond hair, a little gray hair, pistachio eyes, athletic build ... In his youth he was engaged in a barbell. When we met, I was 21, and he is 57 years old. But he looked much younger. Well, definitely not at your age! We got to know each other at work - at once a mutual interest flared up. And one day he invited me to take a walk in nature.


Adult men are more attentive to women


They are more caring, but in bed and try to satisfy the woman first, and not herself. In sex, we fit together. For example, a man with whom there was a difference of 36 years, changed my attitude to oral sex for the better. Everyone is somehow skeptical, they say, if the man is an adult, that is, problems. This is all nonsense, problems are only if the man leads an incorrect lifestyle. By the way, the problem with erection was only with a partner with whom I had a difference of only 14 years. He could be out of combat readiness for the fact that during sex the phone rang and his wife called. But he always generously gave me gifts and it atoned for his small "discrepancies"


Men performed all my wishes, some suggested using sex toys. Lets say anal sex was afraid to offer, and I sometimes asked for it myself. Young people now love group sex, but older men do not. They give themselves to you and only you.


Financially they did not help me all. I professionally do vocals, they often gave microphones and the right attributes, or bought something beautiful out of clothes. Im not ashamed to take money, but still the relationship with the person is not because of them.


"His children said that if he marries me, they will not communicate with him"


The age difference never bothered anyone: neither me nor men. They were mostly embarrassed by their children - daughters, who are usually of the same age with me. I had a lover whose younger daughter was my age. The girl was against our connection and promised to slap me on the back. Plus, the children told him that if he marries me, they will not communicate with him and the grandchildren will be against him. I had to part with him. People can not understand that we do not do anything illegal - all adults and adults.


With one partner, we had a two-year break in the relationship - his wife was dying in her arms.

He did not get divorced from her, specialists were already following her. Because of this, we moved away, and I did not want to disturb him again. But in his life there was a young girl two years younger than me. Then, when he was officially widowed, he found me again, and we were together. There was a time when I had to go to St. Petersburg to work to solve my problems. He called me every day, joked, did not marry. I planned to earn some money and return in six months. And when I left, I joked, you say, look only do not get married. In the shower she herself was waiting for suggestions from him. But my friend once saw him with a child about three years old, I gently asked - and he confessed that his daughter. I confessed that when his wife was dying, he met a nurse girl, she took care of his wife and became pregnant with him. He admitted that he married his daughters mother. I cried for two hours sobbing, and he asked in a trembling voice to calm down, because he might get sick. He has big problems with his heart and age, after all.


Not all my lovers were married - there were those who with their wife had already moved to the stage of simple cohabitation without intimacy. There were also bachelors. Almost all honestly talked about their lives. And young people, it seems to me, honesty is rarely observed. The age generation is simple and straightforward. Many talked about their wives and the reasons for the divorce. Or about the reasons for "non-removal". More often its just a fear of being left alone. Men often live with women who are simply disgusting in character and appearance, but are afraid of scandals during divorce and fear of remaining alone. With age, men are more fearful than women and fear of loneliness in their foreground.


In general, I have never had a misunderstanding with men because of age or views. Some were jealous, but without fanaticism. And what to say, personally I liked it, I often noticed that they are proud that I am next to them. If men told me that they were too young for them, they would immediately break any contacts. I do not need a whiner.


Thirty-year-olds do not interest me. Yes, yes, its teenagers. Some premature and infantile in all respects.

Ive never been in a relationship with several men at the same time. Now I think, maybe, in vain. Its just that I find it difficult to meet intimately with people. It happened that the former said: "Find a normal man of his age, give birth to children." But when we were together, this was not.


With peers I never had a relationship - I do not take this infantile trifle seriously. All these "teenagers" are against me, even when I am forced to stand with them in one bus - what can I say about the bed! Close to be an intelligent, attentive and calm person. Im sure that the quality of sex with them is quite different. Young people are selfish, hamovat, they are alien to light feelings. They are lazy to take care of their woman.


And the young body does not attract me: all these cubes, slender waists, scraggly priests and broad shoulders ...

You know, when on dating sites I write guys even 30 years old, after five minutes of communication I already see that I have nothing to talk about with them. I write to them that I like older men. This causes them a negative, they begin to pour insults into my address, called a lover of pensioners. But the youth does not develop at all, stupid idiots and here are the girls and choose men older. Although many of us just look for a sponsor, and some give in love - but its less likely. In general, my opinion best describes the phrase "there is no difference in age, there is a difference in the mind."

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