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Happy women do not wear big bags


Today there will be a conversation about bags, because you can not imagine a woman without a bag.


This is a very "talking" subject of our wardrobe, what can he tell us about?


Once in one of the social networks I published a quote from Evelina Khromchenko that happy women do not carry large bags.

Happy women do not wear big bags 

This quote caused a great argument, but many of the disputants did not want to look at the essence of these words, but only went "on top":


- That happy women wear different bags;

- Happiness is not measured by a bag;

- Think bag, can you judge happiness;

- Everyone has his own idea of ​​happiness;

- Not all fit small handbags.


All this is true, but still.


A big bag is a lot of things, a lot of responsibilities and a lot of responsibility. A woman who wears a big bag does not only work at home, children, and everyday life, but also works a lot. All this takes a lot of strength, energy, time and nerves.


A bag with lots of compartments to fit half the house, and all this on your shoulder and running. What happiness is there!


Many people say that with a little uncomfortable.


Heels are also not convenient.


But its the heels that do not let us rush, like ripe, rush, do 100 cases a day, its the heels that make the gait feminine and sedate.


"When I look womanly, I speak more gently. When Im tinted, with heels and with beautiful hair (and not in the old sweatshirt, jeans, down jacket and hat), I feel softer, and at the same time there is a rod. "


Clothes change our state!

"When everything inside and outside is cleaned and neat, clean, soft and beautiful - it also calms down inside. I know that you need to start with small things - to change something big and important in your life. "


There are always reasons not to do, not to change!


Someone will say: I have such a job, Im a teacher and I have to carry a lot of textbooks.

And for all recommendations, for example - to get an extra set of textbooks to

to leave him at work or to use electronic books, he will answer that he is expensive, that he can not afford that he will spend this money better on himself, rather than on textbooks.


A woman does not even want to understand that to stop dragging gravity is also to "spend on oneself." What you need only to afford, to resolve, and everything will begin to change and evolve in an amazing way.


One woman wrote that the smaller the bag, the faster its welfare grows: "The richer I become, the less I have a handbag! But I did not notice before! "


After all, in a small bag you can put a phone and a bank card, even the wallet will not interfere.


That is, if you need anything, you can buy everything on the go, and not drag along. Do not take water, do not take sandwiches, and buy everything.


Consciousness is changing - life is changing too!

"Sometimes I catch myself on a ridiculous attempt to save - go to a distant store for a chocolate bar, because its cheaper there, wait until the trolley bus" to die ", because there is a state travel card and the like ten-ruble gains. And then I tell myself that my convenience is much more expensive. It is priceless. "


A big bag is a matter of trust and safety!


If you do not put half a house in your bag, then life can surprise you, and what should you do? You have to be ready for anything.


Some bags, like backpacks or suitcases, seem to have traveled for 2 years, and water, and cosmetic bags, cameras, notebooks. I carry my everything with me for all occasions. To feel comfortable and safe, many need to put up to 30 items in a bag.


And designers offer a lot of beautiful big bags, because todays women are ready to be strong and take everything in their hands.


A big bag is definitely a diagnosis!

Great working capacity, the ability to put everything on oneself, to carry on a lot of cases and responsibilities, and in general to bear the weight that a woman does not notice with time.


One business woman once shared the secret to whom it is best to delegate responsible work that is not part of the direct duties of employees. She chose for this woman with a big bag!


These are women who pull everything on themselves, very hardy and able-bodied. If they are able to carry weights, then they can endure much. The main thing is that these women will say that they are not hard, because they usually pull so much on themselves that they do not notice the bag exactly.


A woman with a large bag acquires in the image very non-feminine traits that those around unconsciously read: "Im hardy and able to carry out a lot."


Therefore, in giving such a message, you attract certain circumstances to your life.


A large bag is a feeling of helplessness and distrust of the world. The desire for yourself to stand up for yourself, to keep your life under control. Im counting only on myself. The more I am active, the more I move, the more I earn and I get.


A small bag is a symbol of lightness, unflusiveness, an allusion to well-being and happiness in a relationship.


A woman is not burdened with any kind of hard work, she does not need to carry bundles of paper, computers, textbooks, folders and so on. Most likely this woman has a man who will help, bring, give a lift.


So, once I saw shoes in the store, my eyes fell on suede sandals and also on thin leather soles, they were very beautiful and very impractical, I was skeptical: its just a machine variant, you can not go anywhere? On what the seller has thinly noticed: And what for to you to go? You should wear a man in his arms in such shoes.


I certainly took them! Why not!


When a small handbag appears, beautiful appearances appear in the theater, in a concert, in a restaurant.


A small handbag is impractical, this is a subtle hint that a woman does not bother herself, which means that additional work and responsibility can not be imposed on her.


This bag requires you to change and watch yourself!

The smaller the handbag, the higher the sense of security and trust in a woman.


If you want a change in your life - buy yourself a small bag!

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