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KAROLINA Dubai 03.06.2020 tarule


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Flirting is it treason


Is this considered treason, if you are flirting with someone other than your partner?


"Is this a betrayal?"


Probably, this question is old, as the world, and no one can find a definite answer to it. It seems that all of humanity has divided opinions on this matter. But this does not prevent us from trying to find the answer.


Have you ever noticed yourself flirting with other people when your second half does not see?


Have you noticed yourself playing a playful conversation with an attractive person who, so happens, is not the one with whom you are in a relationship?


The permissiveness of flirting is a very controversial gray zone, which is inflated by many to fabulous sizes. This is often the reason for not understanding what it means to flirt with another person.


So, first we find out for ourselves what it is.


Simply put, flirting - is to attract a certain person, using his charisma and social skills. So, if as you interact with someone, he gradually becomes interested in you, then you flirt, whether you know about it or not.


This point should be emphasized. Just because you are flirting with someone does not mean that you have an intention to enter into an intimate, romantic relationship with him. It just so happens that you become closer to this or that person, just being yourself. It is hardly insidious.


Lets take, for example, how diligently you dress up for a date with your partner. You put on the best outfit and style your hair in a special way to give your appearance the charm that your partner has fallen in love with. But you know, however, that this is not necessary: ​​this person has already seen you and loves whatever you are wearing. So what was the real reason to dress up? You did this for yourself. You wanted to look good, because it makes you feel good. And this is the same feeling that you are pursuing, flirting innocently with others. When these people let you know how attractive you are, you will respect yourself more, without having to be an unfaithful partner.


So, even if now you think that flirting is not so dangerous as many think, you still need to understand that you can not flirt in all respects. All the same, there will be people who are too insecure in themselves to allow a partner to flirt with someone. If you meet with such a person, then you definitely should respect his needs and compromise. Look for something else that will excite you.


So what exactly makes flirting so enjoyable?


First, it helps to feel interesting for other people. Secondly, it helps to be more confident in your communicative abilities and the strength of the words that you utter. And, third, there is more confidence in its attractiveness.


Also worth noting that there are different forms of flirting. At the first level - a harmless flirting. When you just talk to another person, and noticing a spark, let it develop the conversation. This does not imply any cunning. You just have fun. At the second level - physical flirting. Its almost the same as harmless flirting, but a step higher. Here sign language and easy physical contact with a person are already involved. At the third level is already a sensual flirting: thats where everything starts to border on cunning. And this is the place where it is worthwhile to draw boundaries in relations: it is impossible to do this already, since there are already unhealthy intentions to engage in a ceaseful relationship with a third person.


So can you flirt if you are in a relationship? There is still no exact answer. Its still a gray zone, about which you need to consult your partner. Flirting has its advantages, but it can also occur at the expense of relationships. You need to learn to balance everything and come up with a flirting system that will suit you and your partner. In the end, only you two can determine for yourself whether to flirt or not.


And what do you think about this?

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