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Nisha dubai 23.07.2020 her appartment Vaani

+971 561355429 CALL HER

Nisha dubai 23.07.2020 outcall 1hr Vaani

+971 588428568 Number Of her

KAROLINA Dubai 03.06.2020 tarule


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As soon as your husband sees me, he will leave you forever


More and more often each of us meets inexplicable things. But one of the most mysterious topics will always remain one that relates to the relationship between the opposite sexes. Admit, did not you ever wonder how exactly men choose the "same"? Someone prefers to communicate with women to meet animal instincts, someone prepares to create a family and is looking for the right woman for this purpose, and someone is trying to find an "alternative" for themselves, so as not to get bored in marriage. And the widespread theory of male nature does not make any sense! How, then, can we explain the existence of happy married couples who have lived together for dozens of years?


But its so bad! How to understand the choice of men, if they go far not to the most secrete, smart and talented. Moreover, often these ladies are in many ways inferior to the current companion of life. And it happens the other way round: the representatives of the stronger sex, having the choice and the opportunity to go to the woman with the best makings, remain true to their original choice.


Today we will try to open the veil of secrecy and find the answer to this exhilarating millions of questions, as recently a woman from the network expressed her opinion on this matter. For obvious reasons, her personality is not disclosed.


Secrets of charm

As soon as your husband sees me, he will leave you foreverAccording to the woman, she was very indignant at how stupid modern girls are and therefore decided to share her opinion with the public. So to speak, boiling: "I do not understand how you can constantly complain about your man, who, from their words, does everything wrong and does not differ in absolute fidelity! Personally, I do not admit this, because I try to live on my own and not enter into a long-term relationship. What for? When I need a man, then Ill find him. Nothing complicated. And the same problem is found among men who complain about their wives.


You can say that I am a lone wolf. And this way of life I learned a lot. It is convenient and does not oblige. Just imagine, next to you is the man interested in you, with money, and most importantly with a member and brains. In addition to everything, he is also strong, and this is useful in everyday life.


But this is not exactly what I wanted to say. The most important thing is the choice that he makes himself on a day-to-day basis. He wants to be with me just like that, because he likes it. And now look at yourself: he sits with you only because of children or something else. So you mold incomprehensible excuses, they say, he does not like me and would have gone away long ago, if not ... Well, you understand. And now lets look more closely.


Children are good. But if you open your eyes and look around, you can see that many mothers get divorced from their husbands, and then live peacefully with a new gentleman and a child. Children should not become a hindrance. After all, we live in a world where a child can freely meet with his father and feel full.

The most that neither is delusional - is to say that he is comfortable with you. Now lets get clean. What makes you different from others? What is this zest in you that you can love for insanity? Youre not a popular movie actress from Hollywood and do not own mansions in London. Then what can you give your man that the other woman will not give?


You are an ordinary wife: cooking, washing and a rare cecc. All! And even for such ordinary things, he is with you every day! It does not matter to him that you have recovered for a kilogram, that you have critical days or a sagging pop. He is satisfied that he has a regular soup and clean linen. Now it is clear that in principle this problem is not important to him - comfort?


Another far-fetched reason - he was already used to me. Look, men are not single-celled and not animals that are "used" to the master. This is the same person who can always make the decision and leave.


But most of all I am amazed by the following: he has nowhere to go, because it will not be better with anyone. Honey, I have bad news for you. The option is better - its me! I do not have complexes, because of which I would endure a mans brain, I do not need to assert myself at the expense of his confessions of love, and he will love sec, because I love him. If he wants to give me money, Ill say thank you to him. But no matter how good it is with me, he will not leave you forever. Though Im better than you.


I forgot to tell you about one more reason: you are an impeccable mistress. Yes, your house is shining, the children are full and healthy, the table is breaking from the dishes, and in general everything is perfect. But whats wrong with that? If you stop doing this, its not the end of the world! A man will not leave a woman only because of the absence of a "Cinderella attack" in your life. You will still be surprised at how much it can be economic!

Summing up, I will address again to you, dear ladies. Do not throw your husband on charges and complain to all your friends. Just read this post again, if you suddenly feel the inevitable desire to dig into the brain of your beloved spoon. Just understand that the man made his choice and lives with you. Every day he comes home, and does not go "left." And this must be appreciated. Love him for it and let him know that it is important for you. Only then will he understand that you are his woman. And not because at home there is borsch without meat.

In extreme cases, it is you who must decide and finally take care of yourself. Stop complaining! Its simple: do not like it - do not do it. Do not want to live with it - throw it. Let me find happiness not only for him, but for myself! Yes, I spoke rudely in places, but its all true. You do not need to be a victim. Be a woman who affects the surrounding men. And better than you, there will always be. Believe. "

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