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Nisha dubai 23.07.2020 her appartment Vaani

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KAROLINA Dubai 03.06.2020 tarule


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A simple question - should a girl be beautiful


I have to be beautiful

I managed to curb the flow of my own power, directed against myself.


The whole 9 years of life is just to intercept the reins. Or maybe this, on the contrary, is not enough?


I have to be beautiful. Must be healthy and full of energy. It is obliged to control the direction of its energy.

A simple question - should a girl be beautiful

Not to be loved, not to marry, not to be "like everyone else" and not to be better than others. I have to do it for myself. In order to show respect to your body, realize your potential to the maximum and find out what is really given to me by nature, both externally and internally. In order to inspire those who are close to me (and this requires strength and energy), and not only to demand from them support and attention.


A truly strong inner man curbed his power, directing her to healthy habits, a favorite business, connections with people close to the spirit and an interesting lifestyle. And it is this that gives birth to a healthy attraction - you want to be with him.


A person who feels strength, but can not do anything with it, refers to 95% of the vast majority. There is nothing special about this, do not harbor hopes.


"Swim" a girl with an "interesting inner world" can only be found in the imagination of this girl herself and nowhere else. This does not mean that all beauties are rich in internal connections with themselves and their intellect. No. It often happens that there is nothing further than a beautiful picture. But this does not cancel the fact that:


all really interesting personalities - I emphasize, all - look good.


So, going back to the female theme: the girl must be beautiful. And what is external beauty? And how to cultivate it?

A simple question (with a fully conscious emphasis on acting) - should a girl be beautiful? Its about appearance.


This question is addressed to the female gender of all ages and self-identifications:


- Do you consider yourself worthy of being beautiful and striving for a better version of yourself, in this case - externally?


Im not asking about whether you consider yourself beautiful or not right now, my production: do you consider yourself due to strive for your natural maximum and be on top at any age?


The question is very specific: yes or no? All the definitions of "what it means to be beautiful for me" in one way or another each of us have.


So: should or not?


In my dialogue with myself the answer is charmingly simple:


The girl must be beautiful.

And I realized the whole uncompromising nature of this story not so long ago - in full, that is called, the adult age.


The girl must be beautiful. Dot. All the talk about time, money, a heavy schedule, children, the rhythm of the city - empty excuses. Who really wants - finds opportunities, others are looking for reasons. For each of the items there are a dozen successful and prosperous happy examples, although personally I would have had enough and one.


If I could alone, then I can. If someone could pull himself out of the mediocrity praised by the majority in the real beauty of the body and spirit, then my road ahead is already brightly lit - everything else does not matter. When you are equal only to those who live the life that is close to you, everything becomes crystal clear and obvious. This perception of reality at some new level, there is no longer any need to waste energy on doubts and a constant change of decisions - all forces are transformed into action. In this case, the beauty of ones own body, which, like everything else, can be recreated with success.


I grew up with a strong inner self-identity, although, of course, at that age I could not define it. Probably, it could be called "a clearly discernible contact with the internal". Developed flair, a vision of the essence of things, early openness to information (practice literally from 16 years).


At certain periods of my life, my so-manifested interior repelled the existing environment (a kind of "ugly duckling", not accepted by peers), as it grew (and my work on myself), on the contrary, it attracted. I got used to attention quite early, although the state of attraction and repulsion was still strong enough, leaving almost no indifference. It seemed to me that my task was to attract. And this happens solely because of what I have inside (usually it is taken for internal strength). Read: "People are interested with me, because Im such an incredible unique person. Who needs it, thats p-o-ch-u-in-s-t-in-u-e-t this. "


The very feeling of a characteristic that is inherent in every mediocrity.


I was not born spectacular beauty, but I had obvious strengths in appearance (which I seriously shook my inattention). For example, a figure with a thin waist and correctly rounded forms. But I never prioritized the development of these parties - rather, I took it for granted. In fact, I believed that everything is kept only and exclusively on my inner world of an interesting person with such a tangible feeling of my soul.


The fact is that all those who feel this strong contact with internal reserves do not take into account one moment (and I did not take into account):


A strong man is strong in his vices.

If this force is not controlled and is not directed to the right track, it will carry along the curve so that it does not seem too small. All kinds of addiction, inertia and debauchery are at your disposal. Your power will keep you in the powerful strengths of destructive habits, and it will seem that it is impossible to resist it.


Until you accept your promiscuity, everything will be peaceful enough - you, of course, kill yourself, deprive the beauty, energy and possibilities of this world, but, in fact, what trifles - the main thing is that there was no war inside. But if you suddenly decide to get rid of the yoke, standing up against the pressure of your own strength (which, I repeat, went wrong) - you will have a tough fight to redirect this flow into a healthy channel.


In my case, there was a long battle with food addiction. Overeating, about 8 extra pounds at the god of this waist, constant stress from what I eat is "not right", daytime sleepiness, frequent "nevememnaya" weakness, a low level of energy, regular not the most recent "bow" and the most disgusting - a stable whisper feelings of guilt that I can not deal with it.


The problem itself began from the age of 13, but to 20 years I did not pay attention to it. The young body did not give any prints and was ready to consume everything and in any quantities. And then negotiations began with themselves, then the struggle, then some guerrilla attacks, radical measures, surrender, again reconnaissance and a new siege. 9 years ... And under the sacred mantra:

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