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KAROLINA Dubai 03.06.2020 tarule


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A little bit about love and sex


Today I went fishing with my husband, I wanted to be alone with him, without my mother, without a small one, because today exactly seven years ago, as we became a husband and wife, our wedding was later, in three months. But the most important day in my life occurred on this day on the shore of our lake.

A little bit about love and sex 

But he probably does not remember this, they are men, they live this day, well, for me the main thing is that he lives with me.


Anyway, I was lucky with my husband, does not walk, does not drink like the others and his hands are golden. I named my son after him - Lesha. We call him jokingly, his Alexei Alekseyevich, he likes it, and we already somehow used to call him that.


But with my father I was not lucky, I left for work and did not return. At first, money was coming from him, then less and less often, and completely stopped, so my mother alone raised me.


But I did not meet my Leh, I would go to Dubai with the girls.


As if my friends came to my house. Mum looked at us and said: "Eh, girls, if our urchin had the udder the same as your chest, how much would it give us milk."


We were embarrassed, and my mother calms us: "Do not blush you, all your muzhiks will be, urban planks are not your competitors."


After that we decided to go after school to Dubai, to try our own destiny.




And then Lecha came back from the army, everything, the girls put an eye on him, but he danced more often than anyone else to invite me. I feel that he likes me, but I could not put it into words. It stands beside me, shifts from foot to foot and is silent, and does not want to retreat. Music will play, lets dance again.


I decided to take the initiative in my own hands and invited him to go to the lake, its beautiful at sunset. Silence, everyone has already calmed down, the fog will soon rise above the water, and while the last rays of the sun play on its surface, forming a luminous path.


He laid his jacket, hugged me with one hand and keeps silent, and I sit and wait, when he begins to confess to me in love.


Well, thats where nature intervened. We did not notice that we sat next to an anthill. I feel that someone bites me and immediately in several places at once. Glynula, and for me crawling hordes of ants.


I screamed and jumped into the lake, and the water was still cold.


I stand, Im trembling, and he says to me: "You undress in the water, let it wash off the ants from you, and Ill dissolve the fire now, and youll warm up. And we will dry your clothes, but I will not look, I promise. "


He quickly built a bonfire guy.


He turned away, and I moved to the fire. She sat down, wrapped her arms around her knees, I could not see anything, only after that she allowed him to come up and hang my wet clothes around the fire. Warmed up, it became so good and even interesting, but what will he do next, clothes will not dry up quickly?


Funny, Ill catch his eye, hell turn red and turn away. The further, the more I like it.


Then he asked me: "And you will not sit alone, but Ill step aside and dip, or do the ants bite me too?".


Well, no, naked and Im not going to sit here alone. I already have a feeling that dozens of eyes are staring at me. Go and bathe here, then hang your clothes around the fire, it will drive out the smoke from the ants, and when you do everything, youll sit behind my back so that I do not see you naked, but for now Ill close my eyes.


We sit, we look at the stars, we talk about something, it became so good, only the fog descended to the lake and if the fire warms in front of me, my back began to freeze.


He saw this and offered to throw me his shirt on my back.


I do not need your shirt, there probably are more ants, its better to press yourself, only to have no hands.


He pressed himself, and a stick pressed against my spine, I did not even immediately realize what it was, and when I realized, I decided that its impossible to miss such a guy who so wants me and at the same time restrains himself.


I turned sharply, embraced him with my arms, pressed myself against my body and dug him in the mouth.


It was the best night of my life.


I came home when the sun had already appeared.


Mother only asked: "With whom?".


With Leszek.


"Well done, youve chosen a good guy, youll live with me and Im well, finally a man in the house will appear."


Of course, we have, but where else, its me who live together with my mother, and besides his parents there are old people and a brother and a sister.


The next day, of course, everyone already knew everything. The fact that we got away from the dance did not go unnoticed. As well as the fact that we returned only in the morning.


Then, already at our wedding, they told us that almost the floor of our village went and watched how we make love on the lake.


Now this has become a tradition in our village, the guy, if he wants to explain the girl in love and make her an offer, invites her to watch the sunset on the shore of the lake in the evening.


He makes a fire, they bathe naked, they have a good time, they warm themselves around the fire and make love.


If the girl agreed to go with you to the lake in the evening and sit by the fire, then she agrees to be your wife and ready to give you a night of love, and if not, then do not lose time looking for another.

In my opinion, this is much more beautiful than if the guy stood on one knee, held out a ringlet and asked you to become your wife.


So, thanks to us, a new tradition has appeared in our village.


Well, all right, thats all, they saw everything. But Leszek immediately became mine and no one else was glued to him.


We did not succeed in applying immediately to the registrars office because I was still too young for this, but a month later I brought them a certificate that I had accepted the statement and had accepted it.


My friends left to conquer Dubai, and I arranged my life here.


Something I got carried away with memories.


We must go and see what my husband is doing there?


It turns out that its already half an hour, some sort of fish is dug and still can not pull it out. Not otherwise than taimen. I do not like them, they are painfully bony, grayling is another matter. And in general, Im not here for the fish with him.


I want on the seventh anniversary of our wedding to repeat that crazy night when I conceived my little son. I want another baby and its better if its a girl.


At home everything is audible, the partition between my room and my mothers plywood sheet, and my mother is very fond of giving advice, straight Kama Sutra and only and all that I do wrong when making love with my husband. And now my son has become, that something in this is understood and personal life has come down almost to nothing. Earlier, in the old days, when there was no steam heating, this was treated differently. The house had a single space, slept together, made love and children were not shy. Yes, and they need such knowledge, because it also must be known, there were no books on this topic at that time.


As they say "Everything that is naturally not ashamed"


The only place where we can still retire, and do not fear that someone will see us and interfere, is the toilet on the site. Leshka also supplemented him with a summer shower, so he turned out great, but still, there is a smell and big green flies there. Leszek does not interfere, and I can not get an orgasm because of this.


Theres the most comfortable pose, its standing. Leshka from behind, and I bent over and put my hands on the place where my feet stand when I use the toilet for the purpose. And my head is just above the hole, where all the stench comes from, and fly flies. Once my hands slipped and my head fell into the hole, my shoulders did not let fall. I rested my head on it, you know what, flies clung to my face, I yelled, flies crept into my mouth, and Leszek decided that I had an orgasm. I grabbed my ass like that, and I can not move and I started as a jackhammer.


Well, that there is a shower there, Leszek washed my head.


And then he began to wash me all, and I tremble all, I just can not move away, and then I looked at him and understood everything. This infection, not only that put my head in the point, so he wants me again. It made me so angry that I got to fight him. What ended our "fight", I think everyone understands, yes, such a wonderful satisfaction I have long had. I forgive him, but this way of getting an orgasm does not suit me.


Thats why Im here today.


How can I excite him? I have no beautiful underwear, you can not buy it from my salary and I always sleep naked, so that I can not get it either.


Maybe they can wrap themselves in a network. He took it just in case with himself.


I still need a figurine, but only my chest after feeding the baby lost its shape, but from the back Im very good looking.


Judge for yourself. 

I pulled it over and went around spinning around my husband. I noticed immediately and started yelling that I immediately took it off, and then fish surveillance will see. Earlier you could not pull out two words with mites, but here you were rustling, thats what it means, the peasant felt himself to be the head of the family.


Calm down, if here and your fish supervision will appear, he will see not the network, but what is inside it and in general, if you need to take something off and take it off.


At last he left his stupid spinning and went to me.


Of course, it turned out not quite as it was then, but its also not too bad. Experience in this matter also means a lot and it balances the reduction of passion.


No wonder I went with my husband to go fishing. 


Next time Ill tell you about my girlfriends, they sent me their pictures.


They look of course chic, but there are no children and there are no husbands either.


So I do not envy them. Well, another five years they will be able to keep the bar so high. And then time will take its and will have to lower it.

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