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Sex is a dangerous occupation. Every man should know this
Scientists have found the most dangerous poses in sex. The most risky - woman on top

Love is for rent. Rolu Takizawa (Misaki)
In the East, a new type of services in the field of pornography is spreading. Now a man can buy for viewing not only a porn film, but to receive a long-term use of the beloved actress who flashed in it. However, this pleasure will cost a round sum and can afford only a fairly wealthy person.

Freud is wrong. The size still matters
The old Jew, darling, was not entirely right. The size matters. True, this does not apply to all. Here in the part of the female mind the size does not really matter, first of all, for the muzhiks. They shy away from the great wits of the women.

What happens when you abuse Viagra
The effect was stunning, and surpassed all expectations. His masculine dignity was so strong and increased in size that it became indecent in the pub, so he had to retire from the catering facility urgently and go home to indulge in lovemaking with his wife, since she was not at work at the time.

What kind of sex without a cupcake
Emotional sex has not been canceled, but not on an empty stomach. Claims that a man always prefers sex instead of a good meal is stupid and far-fetched. Especially in our troubled times, in constant stresses and problems.

Trio of love or sex threesome
Someone has enough new posture in sex, someone - oral caresses, and someone needs new sensations in the form of sex threesome. Both feelings and opinions are dual to this kind of biological atavism.

A little bit about love and sex
Today I went fishing with my husband, I wanted to be alone with him, without my mother, without a small one, because today exactly seven years ago, as we became a husband and wife, our wedding was later, in three months. But the most important day in my life occurred on this day on the shore of our lake.

Curious facts about kisses
Kissing is one of the favorite moments associated with falling in love. And, besides, what brings health benefits, there are some curious facts about them.

When can change my husband
We sit with her in a restaurant, we bask after walking with kids in the cold and chatting about everyone. She is married, she has a child and she ...

On the mutual hatred of men and women
I am happy to note that feminism in Russia is becoming fashionable among women, and now recognition in patriarchal attitudes can slightly damage reputation. Given the desperate situation with family violence, it is extremely important that girls grow up, aware of their right to equality, respect and security.

Caught her husband in a sex chats. What to do
Spraying with fury saliva, the girl asks the internet for advice: what to do, climbed into her husbands phone, and found there a sex chat! Once already catching the scoundrel behind this occupation, defiantly offended, shamed - so I did not see this again!

A man who is ill in a relationship
There are men who talk about relationships and marriage with ill-concealed disgust. In restaurants they go bored and expensive, write love sms - laziness, prelude - the worst invention of mankind. Zagsostamp threatens them, ostensibly, with the division of property, children and maintenance. Registry office - for suckers

A simple question - should a girl be beautiful
I have to be beautiful I managed to curb the flow of my own power, directed against myself. The whole 9 years of life is just to intercept the reins. Or maybe this, on the contrary, is not enough

Three things that you did not know about sex
I do not want to say that you have been having sex wrong for the last 20 years. But there are subtleties that can not be understood without knowing the features of the physiology of the opposite sex. Every time we try everything on ourselves, and we burn ourselves again and again. What are we missing out of sight

Flirting is it treason
Probably, this question is old, as the world, and no one can find a definite answer to it. It seems that all of humanity has divided opinions on this matter. But this does not prevent us from trying to find the answer. Have you ever noticed yourself flirting with other people when your second half does not see?

Psychology of relationship with a married man
Well talk about such a strange type of relationship, like a love triangle. And, from the position of a mistress. Unfortunately, very many girls, women in the CIS space are in such

Happy women do not wear big bags
Today there will be a conversation about bags, because you can not imagine a woman without a bag. This is a very "talking" subject of our wardrobe, what can he tell us about? Once in one of the social networks I published a quote from Evelina Khromchenko that happy women do not carry large bags.

Sometimes take off prostitutes, but if I find out about wife
These men, as a rule, are not such bad husbands. They regularly drag a penny into the house, do not insist that his wife work, solve many domestic issues. Can live in the family is not what the years - decades, while changing the skirt behind the skirt on the side. Such a family will not voluntarily leave until you give it under your knee. But its usually impossible to give - after all, such a man and a womans housing will be provided, and Waitalki will pay for it. To lose such a husband is simply unprofitable.

When a man said that there will not be sex
Tanya, although she loved free sex without obligations, but considered herself a woman with principles. For example, with married - no-no. A married man, in Tanyas imagination, immediately grew hooves and a tail, and absolutely could not be a sex object. However, from this rule there was one exception.

Sex, as an energy source, or how does a woman feed a man
Every woman is born with certain energy possibilities. It depends on them how men will perceive it. Sometimes it is very noticeable - for example, it happens that after a not very beautiful girl, many guys are courted at once, not noticing beauties. But if it is energetically filled and even beautiful, then the last limiting fears fly from men.

What do exemplary wives from husbands hide
Sometimes I graze on forums like , purely to neigh. But recently discovered that there is a section sex. Now my life will never be the same again.

Did not rape or could not
At one of the parties Lena lured a man into the room, and undressed to the underwear. Waiting until his hands understood the string, the picture was outraged

When modern women became sluts
And what about the female sex? I must admit that they had no choice. In fact, the situation itself pushes the girls on the career ladder, because the first - on the guys hope, but not to be ill. Secondly, you are nobody at home, but at work a person.

Main difference between women who are given expensive gifts
What is the difference between women who are given, say, coats, from women who are not given anything at all, except for chlamydia and gonorrhea? This question torments more than one generation of ladies, they knowingly go to courses such as:

Is it worth to forgive treason
I have a girlfriend - a psychotherapist, and so, she tells me that everything should be treated easier, and cites as an example the family of one trucker who changed his wife almost on duty, like he was forced.

Is there love without sex
She was frankly envious: just as she was lucky with her husband, and his father is good, and caring, and earnings are crazy, the house is a full cup. And she sobbed slyly and smiled.

Sexual advantage of married men
The fact that married men like to save on women, you probably already know. Well, how else, if the basic means go to the obshchak? And all the movement of funds on accounts is easy to track in a mobile bank without departing, as they say, from the kitchen?

Sex Inquisition
Carl Sargent, the Minister of the Government of Wales, committed suicide four days after his dismissal. The reason for dismissal was the accusation of three women in unseemly sexual behavior. Sargent did not know any details. He was not even told who accused him, and Sargent could not justify himself: its hard to justify what happened when, with whom and with whom. There was no attempt to verify the accusations: everything was fired.

Pretty girl
While other mothers forbade their teenage daughters love shenanigans, Antoninas mother purposely drove her, 14-year-old, out of the house. Let her walk up, lose her virginity and poke the bitterness of disappointment before she becomes a full-fledged commodity in the marriage market. Will be smarter.

Women enough to spread legs for sex
Its funny to watch with what tenacity the peasants deceive themselves by inventing the causes and causes of female coldness. In fact, if we are talking about an adult woman, and not about a schoolgirl who is afraid of becoming pregnant, losing her virginity, and her mother, everything is much simpler.

Im 28, and Im fucking only with men who are over fifty
There is a proverb that a man, like cognac, - with age, only gets better. darya pistolletova found an experienced sommelier for drinks of a special fortress, which told why she chooses men twice as old. Marina is 28 years old, her appearance is mediocre and she does not even want to think about relationships and intimacy with her peers.

Can I work as a prostitute with such a body
A lady weighing about 100 kilograms asks a question in the

Why do men not in a hurry to get married
Why do men not in a hurry to get married? The reasons for that are many and each will have their own, Ill try to identify trends, or rather, the typology of bachelors.

The woman is essentially a harlot and a thief
The essence of a woman is a harlot and a thief. And the woman loves to wander and not for money, we just need to know - what a woman excites in a man. A woman always attracts married men, she wants to take advantage of, or steal someone elses - this greatly excites her.

Girls with tattoos
Probably, Im retrograde. Somehow I can not see the aesthetics in tattooed women. Actually, he himself did not sin rock art, even in the army, where it became a craze. There people embarrassed their sense of beauty without restraint. He was perverted as he could. Heroic appeals, formidable abbreviations, banners, illiterate quotes in Latin, blood groups and disabilities covered the mighty bodies of defenders of the Motherland. Particularly advanced tried to reproduce on the breasts the faces of the ladies of the heart. In order to intimidate a possible adversary, I believe. Because as in hand-to-hand sleep jerk to the navel, the enemy will be defeated, the victory will be ours. Demoralized by a monstrous harei, the adversary will fall from horror, or from laughter.

Does a woman need to be able to cook
On the Internet, a mans screams are walking: anyone can suck now, but not everyone is preparing a hodgepodge. This phrase is usually supplied with an erotic photograph of a shepherdess with a bias in porn. Like, it is she who must learn how to prepare a hodgepodge.

Treason: who was caught on what
With interest I read discussions of adultery: who burned on anything. I came to the conclusion that men are very bad conspirators, but its almost impossible to catch a woman.

Wife must me sex on first request
Part of the patriarchal men believes that after several refusals to sex from scratch, the wife should be urgently put out of the door. And if the woman is seen in the manipulation - urgently...

What is dangerous to feign orgasm
Orgasm is an explosion of psychological and physical emotions of a person, the highest point of sexual pleasure, which is considered an important and pleasant part of sexual contact. But not everyone can not always reach it. According to statistics, 80% of women imitate orgasm. For someone it is a one-time action, but someone deceives constantly. However, in any case, such practice does not pass without a trace.

Notes from under the heel
Therefore, attempts to pick my brain were permanent. I was the husband of this fight. The result of this husbandry was a whole philosophy. At the heart of her lay the postulate that a woman needs strong emotions. Not positive-how she mistakes, but strong ones. That is, if you are a beast, then the scale of bestiality should impress. Then the fact itself fades into the background and you are even beginning to be proud of how a barin bites a puppy-and brag about your girlfriends.

Why do men need less sex
Sometimes it seems to me that the amount of sex in the world is constant. Remember the times when sex was restricted by a mass of prohibitions. Before marriage can not, in marriage, too, is not always possible, sexual pleasure is not welcome - conceived children and bainki. Meanwhile, it sometimes seems as if the air of those years seems to be impregnated with eroticism. The prohibitions felt the irresistible power of a mans attraction, which seems to be able to overcome any obstacle.

Pornographic States of America and the Demon of Harassment
Scandals with lascivious Weinstein and disorderly Spacey seemed to have unleashed all the dogs of hell. The boiling of known substances turned into a geyser, into a volcano, in a tsunami: some accusations of harassment, heart-rending memories of the grasping of the buttocks and other monstrous details of the world of stars are being poured out of every iron.

Trade your female body in American style
We are sitting in a restaurant and waiting for her, a successful business lady. I can not wait to hear her story: the girl came to the country and by her labor has achieved everything, became the embodiment of the American dream. My house, my own firm. My family was not very happy. But when Mai appeared on the horizon, I could hardly suppress my laughter. I really did not think that a woman dressed in Chanel and shod in the Prado may look bad. I did not immediately figure it out, of course, what she was wearing and shod, it popped up in a conversation. The names of the designers were announced, but they did not brighten the effect of the dress, hanging out like a hanger, and the first time shod hairpins that gave the lucky owner the gait of the robot without screws in the joints.

The tragic consequences of adult movies
When the girls complained about "quick-firing", "small-pipetters", and other representatives of male fauna, Julia just was silent and looked sadly at the floor. Intuitively, I realized that behind this silence there was something even more terrible than just the shortcomings of physiology. But I tried not to fantasize excess, she would tell me if she wanted to. For a bottle of red, she began to pester - lets go, swear, an infection. In the eyes I see that you have a secret. What do you have for a man? Blue Beard? Sadist? Masochist? A fan of rain on Thursday? I see that something is unclean.

As soon as your husband sees me, he will leave you forever
More and more often each of us meets inexplicable things. But one of the most mysterious topics will always remain one that relates to the relationship between the opposite sexes. Admit, did not you ever wonder how exactly men choose the "same"? Someone prefers to communicate with women to meet animal instincts, someone prepares to create a family and is looking for the right woman for this purpose, and someone is trying to find an "alternative" for themselves, so as not to get bored in marriage. And the widespread theory of male nature does not make any sense! How, then, can we explain the existence of happy married couples who have lived together for dozens of years?

What a woman should use to be an IDEAL wife
A woman must dose her own stubbornness The main thing is to understand and accept a woman - this is something that a man will never chirp, will not openly admire with flowers and birds, will not enjoy the home comfort and communication with you, the children 24 hours a day. Therefore, do not require the impossible from the man. Take responsibility for the family, since it depends on you 90% depends on how the relations in marriage will develop, what will be the microclimate in the family.

Strange trick of a mature woman in a taxi
Swearing foul words, the offended taxi driver complained to me about the client. A lady about 45 years old, not a beauty, but pretty, strongly tipsy, sat down in his car. All the way she spun, flirting, flirting, and complained of loneliness. In colors she told me how bad she was without a man, how sad she was at heart, how she went to the bar, but, alas, she could not meet anyone there.

Simple way to dating for shy men
The man, timidly, turning pale and blushing, approaches the girl she liked. And sometimes it does not fit. Especially when the girl really likes - afraid of failure. Whatever they say in the Internet-trolley network, no matter how terrible the fuckers did not represent themselves in the virtual space, but every man is afraid and mockery. And, than a man is steeper, the more refusal beats on self-esteem.

Do women pay for sex
The fact that men from time to time pay for sex, everyone knows. Even primary school children. But the fact that women also pay for sex, is hidden from the public eye. Its just that women do it more veiled. You did not know? Woooow ... Reason your eyes!

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